Life is Worth Loving

with Hugh Largey

Each week Hugh Largey, a 4th Degree "Sir Knight" of Columbus,  shares with callers interesting & engaging conversations with influential pro-life leaders on how the awakened Catholic/Christian Culture of Life Community is making major strides "Saving Lives & Changing Lives" because "Life is Worth Loving".

A cradle Catholic, Hugh comes by his pro-life advocacy naturally as he says: “Having been born an 8 month preemie.”  Additionally, his Catholic pro-life roots trace from his 16 years of Midwest Catholic education that includes a broadcast communications degree from Cleveland's Jesuit Catholic John Carroll University.

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Our Bodies as a Temple

Tonights guest: Dr George Delgado, Medical Director, Culture of Life Family Services (COLFs) . Listen as they discuss the importance of maintaining good health from a Catholic perspective, and how it is our obligation to maintain positive living habits as a reflection of our bodies being a temple. Please feel free call in with your medical questions:

The Statewide and National Movement to Define When Life Begins

Hugh's guests are National Pro-Life leader Reverend Walter Hoye who led the 2010 California Human Rights Amendment Campaign and Keith Mason, Executive Director of Personhood USA, Learn about the statewide and national movement to define when life begins.

Why Adoption is NOT a Popular Choice for Unplanned Pregnancies

with guest Sarah Jensen, Director of Adoption Center of San Diego.  Why do 8 out of 10 women seeking abortions in the U.S. claim to have a religious affiliation?  How do we reach out to these women and help change the statistics?

The Impact of Ultra-Sound Technology on Pregnancy "Choices"

Featuring an exclusive interview with Vista's Pregnancy Resource Center Ultra-Sound Unit Manager Kim Regnier.  Kim shares the latest results of the state-of-the-art 4D Ultrasound Unit that has been in operation for just 4 months. Find out why mothers are choosing life for their unborn children after having an ultrasound.

Defending the Lives of our Unborn Children.

Guests Josh McClure, Executive Director of East County Pregnancy Care Clinic, and Tricia Correa, Director, Birthline of Chula Vista. Find out how these two organizations are posturing to defend the lives of our unborn children.

The Continuum of Care - Fr.Joe Carroll

How did a kid from the Bronx with a knack for making a buck become a priest, and eventually develop "The Continuum of Care" concept that has become recognized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and hailed internationally as the prototype model for homeless rehabilitation?   Hear Hugh's guest, San Diego's Father Joe Carroll, tell how he found "life worth loving" in the St Vincent de Paul Villages, and the many other ways the Holy Spirit has guided him in his life's mission for over 50 years. 

Catholics for the Common Good

Featuring Special Guest Bill May, Chairman of Catholics for the Common 

Joining Bill May are San Diego County Co-Chairs for Catholics for the Common Good: Marti Martin and Michael Brault.
  • How is the real meaning of marriage becoming obscured by persistent efforts to redefine it? 
  • And how has this become a crisis that is literally touching every family? 
  • Why is it imperative to organize and rebuild a marriage culture?

40 Days for Life Campaign & Chastity

Roger Lopez with Helpers of God's Precious Infants San Diego provides an update on the miracles, change of hearts, and lives saved during the 40 Days for Life campaign. Plus Chris Morales of the Goretti Group talks about the importance of chastity in todays 'hook-up' culture.

About St. Gianna

The compelling story of St Gianna - Wife, Mother, Physician - who gave her life for her baby daughter. Hugh interviews Thomas McKenna, President of the St Gianna Physicians Guild, who will be touring the United States this Summer with Gianna Molla (daughter of St Gianna, who the Saint gave her life for).

Life Choices

Guest - Julie Niven, Executive Director of CAPS (College Area Pregnancy Services) & Liz Dubenetsky, Executive Director of Life Choices of Poway.