2010 Steubenville San Diego Downloadable MP3s

As a way to save and yet get all of the 2010 Stuebenville San Diego Audio Presentations we have added the capability to download MP3 versions and save to your computer .   The Price for this is only $20.00 - that's only $1.54 for each presentation.   Also there are no taxes and no deliver cost.

This subscription provides 1 year of access to the MP3 recordings from the Steubenville San Diego 2009 and 2010 Conference. It provides a license for your use only and allows you, for each MP3 recording, the right to save 1 copy to 1 computer, 1 copy to a MP3 player (or an I-Pod) and to burn 1 CD.  It also gives you the right to play this audio in a meeting setting such as a youth group gathering.