Phonic Helix Digital Mixer

Audio/Video Services

Services Offerded include

Digital Masters -  Professional quality in studio recording and editing for music and voice.  This includes full backing tracks, in various styles, of any song you wish to record. 

- Cassette tape to CD/MP3 format -  Do you have recordings on cassette tape?  We can transfer to CD or MP3 files with noise and volume editing.   We can usually make it sound better than the original. 

- Video Editing - Do you have a DVD or VHS tape that needs to be edited and have titles and chapters added.  We can provide a master DVD and/or duplicate DVDs.  Maybe you want just the audio extracted and burned to a CD or mp3.

- Onsite Recording - Have a conference or retreat that needs to be recorded?  We have been providing this service for over 15 years.   We can offer onsite duplication of talks so attendees can purchase and take the recordings with them.   In many cases this can be done without charge to  your orginazation.

Please note: our audio/video services are dedicated to serving the Lord in the Catholic Faith.

Contact us for any special recording needs you may have.  Please see our Ministries We Support page for references.