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All the products and services we offer go directly towards supporting the New Catholic Evangelist.  The profits form this help us pay for the equipment, the product, and the resources needed to support the web site as well as providing for our daily bread and home.

We have been very careful to scrutinize the companies that we represent for business practices that are in line with Judeo/Christian principles.  

Also, we provide web and audio/video services only for Catholic Orginazations and Ministries that adhere to Catholic teaching and doctrine.   That way we do not have to comprimise our Catholic beliefs in providing content.

We offer these products and services  based on the experience we have gained  in our organization.   We can help you in any of the below areas.   Please support The New Catholic Evangelist by using our products and services.   Your support may help someone to come to know Jesus Christ through our web presence.