Boris and Marie Volbeda at their oldest daughters wedding.About the New Catholic Evangelist

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.  We are dedicated to providing quality resources to the Catholic Community in relationship to the process of Evangelization. We say process because anyone who is searching is on the road to learning and growing in their faith. We are all at various stages of our journey.  We hope that no matter where you  are in  your journey you will find this site a valuable tool to help you along that road.


We have a particular hunger to help those people that are searching for the truth; who have either left the Catholic Church or are involved in other faiths that leave them asking "is there more", or 'is this the Truth".  

What's in a  Name?

The web address,  www.newce.com, came from our search to find a site name that matched our company name of  New Century Enterprises. This is a site that works in conjunction with the "The New Catholic Evangelist" and "a New Clean Environment" The New Catholic Evanglelist is focused on producing audio CDs and other multimedia related services.   

Thanks to Dorothy Hulbert, a Catholic Lay Evangelist in San Diego,  for the name The New Catholic Evangelist.  During a  visit with Dorothy,  I explained what we were trying to do in offering all the resources we had been compiling over the years.   I mentioned to Dottie that we had come up with newce.com to represent New Century Enterprise, and that we may be able to use the same name if it could have meaning for our Catholic focused site.  I said: "such as New Catholic ah, ah, --- something or other". Without hesitation she said  "Well, how about The New Catholic Evangelist.

Now that may seem a little bit of trivia, but the New Century Enterprises name originated in 1990 when we first started our part-time home based audio business.  Also, in entering the clean indoor air business we were able to use the same address.  God is good and He has a plan for us.  In this case a name was picked that would have even more meaning  years later.  Praise God!

A Story of Conversion

As mentioned we are a home based business.   We have been supporting various organizations and evangelists for over 20 years now and have accumulated a significant amount of preaching, inspirational, and testimony audio tapes, as well as a library of other resources we use in our personal spiritual development.   We feel a strong calling to make these resources available to others.

Marie is a cradle Catholic and attended a Catholic school for 12 years.  She has always been strong in her faith and rarely has missed mass in her lifetime.  I was raised a Protestant in a very conservative church, based on Calvin doctrine.   I believe that Christians of the protestant faith love Christ as much as any of us and that God blesses them in their faith.   However, over the past 20 years I have come to love the Catholic church for our rich tradition and liturgy.  And, most of all the Eucharist.   We celebrate the completeness of what Jesus intended when He established His church and gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom as our first pope.

I was confirmed as a Catholic  thanks primarily to my evangelizing wife,  Marie.  We have been married now for 38 years.  She may not have even realized it at the time but her faith, patience, and persistence is what caused me to to start asking questions and searching for the truth.   My pastor and spiritual advisor, Msrg. Frank Fawcett, spent many 'one on one' hours with me discussing what the Catholic Church really teaches, vs. what I had been taught the Church teaches.  It amazed me how much of what I believed about the Catholic Church was a misinterpretation or just plan not true.  

I listened to many audio recordings about the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism.  A primary influence on my conversation was Scott Hahn and recordings like a 'Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic' (he too was grounded in Calvin doctrine).  His other recordings including debates between himself and other Protestant theologians also helped me understand what the Catholic Church really teaches.

We are all Evangelists

We hope you understand that it is through resources such as we are offering that our  family, friends, and acquaintances  have been encouraged to grow in their faith.  We pray that you will find resources to help you grow, and resources that can help you evangelize your family, friends and acquaintances.   

Your probably saying to yourself now,  "What me, an evangelist"?   We want to encourage you to share these resources with others.  You don't have to be a preacher, missionary, or prophet to evangelize.  Remember . . . .

Jesus Christ is Lord of all and He has come 
to bring us into his everlasting kingdom, today.

He calls every believer to proclaim His Good News to all, in our own special way.  Let your Light shine!

Yours in Jesus Christ,
Boris & Marie Volbeda 


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